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Introduction to Spey Casting and “Swung Fly Presentation” Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Techniques - 5 hour course

A complete introduction to Spey Casting “demystify spey casting/lines/and fly presentation”
Have you ever found yourself stepping into a Steelhead or Salmon  river and not knowing where to start? 

Have you asked yourself any of the following question:

  • How do I get started?

  • What rod/reel and line to buy?

  • How do I cast?

  • What flies do I use and how do I present them?

  • Where are the fishing holding?

  • Where does pool rotation start? 

  • Am I going to low hole a fellow angler if I fish here?  

This course gives you a complete introduction to Spey Casting and “Swung Fly Presentation” Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Techniques. Our goal is to “demystify spey casting/lines/and fly presentation” and to help you get started with confidence!

Outline of Course Material:

  • Introduction to spey equipment; rods, reels, lines.

  • Set up and knots: backing line, running lines, spey heads and selection, tips, leaders, flies.

  • On river Instruction: Water borne casts, vs, touch and go casts and when to use them

  • On river fly presentation: reading the water, finding the fish, and where to position yourself to cast and how to fish a steelhead/Salmon run.

  • Safety, conservation and etiquette

  • Equipment Recommendations and where to purchase.

Maximum of two casters, individual lessons recommended.
Prices for the Five Hour Course with equipment included: 

Number of casters:  One caster   Two casters
Cost per person:       $350.00        $200.00ea.

*Lunch and Beverages not included in above rates.

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