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Fly Water Guiding is located on the Exceptional Waters section of the Middle Grand River.

Middle Grand and Tributaries, Many cold water tributaries enter the main stem of the Grand River in this area, creating cold water refuges for trout  and excellent rearing habitat. A couple of the major tributaries we fish are Whitemans Creek and the Nith River. Both of these tributaries are host to large runs of Steelhead, and support resident populations of Rainbow and Brown Trout. The Nith River is also host to an abundant population of Small Mouth Bass and is excellent sport during the summer months.


Grand River being the largest water shed in Southern Ontario, offers a wide variety of fly fishing opportunities. The Mid and Lower reaches are reminiscent of many fabled Steelhead and Atlantic Salmon Rivers.  This area of the river is host to classic steelhead runs and is a staging  area for anadromous Steelhead waiting for favourable water conditions to re-enter there natal spawning tributaries. The Middle Grand is also host to a healthy population of resident Rainbow and Brown Trout, with spectacular hatches of Mayfly, Caddis, and Stoneflies to name a few.  Further down stream in its lower reaches, has yet more Steelhead water holding late fall and winter run steelhead in good numbers. 

Upper Grand  is famous for its Brown Trout fishery with many reaching over 20 inches. Although I concentrate on the middle reaches  of the water shed the Upper can be a good alternative. 

Maitland River, Deemed by some, the most beautiful river in Southern Ontario. The Maitland River is a large river with both good drift boat and walk & wade opportunities for Smallmouth Bass And Steelhead. Also incidental catches of migrating Brown Trout and Coho Salmon can be a pleasant surprise. The Maitland River  has a variety of runs and pools great for both single and two handed spey casting opportunities.

Saugeen River ,is a large river system flowing from the highlands and escarpment west to Lake Huron. Almost all its tributaries are cold water spring fed streams and rivers supporting natural populations of Brook and Brown Trout.   This also provides good spawning ground for Steelhead.  This river is fished by drift boat in the mid and lower sections providing good opportunities for both single handed and spey casting.  The tributaries of the Saugeen offer hard to reach hike, walk, and wade fly fishing opportunities. 


Other Rivers , Unfortunately the sheer number of water bodies we will fish are too long to list.  We concentrate our efforts on small and medium sized rivers following good conditions bringing good numbers of fish. Our Steelhead ear is always to the ground and we are always ready to change rivers last minute if the perfect opportunity presents itself.  We also use a variety of rivers when trying to customize a trip or provide a specific experience requested from our guests.


Saugeen River, Brown Trout
Jay Cashubac with Maitland River Steelhead  Steelhead
Middle Grand River
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