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Introduction to Fly Fishing and Casting 4 Hour on River Course
A Complete Introduction to Fly Fishing Have you ever dreamed of standing on the edge of a river, silently casting a hand tied fly to an unsuspecting fish? This course gives youth and adults a complete introduction to the fly fishing experience. Our goal is to simplify fly fishing techniques and demystify the sport as well as create a fun learning environment where all questions have merit. 

Outline of Course Material:

  • Introduction to fly fishing equipment: rods, reels, lines. 

  • Set up and Knots: backing line, fly line, leaders, tippets.

  • ​Casting Instruction and Technique: This will include basic techniques for, overhead casting, roll casting, and mending.

  • On River Instruction: focus on set ups and  fly presentation for dry fly, nymphing, streamer and swinging flies.

  • Basic Entomology, and Choosing a Fly Pattern: insect hatches, timing, life cycles, and when and why trout feed.

  • Reading the Water:  holding water, finding fish, and where to position your self for a cast.

  • Safety, Conservation and Etiquette.

  • Equipment Recommendations, and where to purchase.


Prices for the Five Hour Course with equipment included: 

Number of casters.  one caster.  two casters.  three to four casters

Cost per person.       $325.00       $170.00ea.     $120.00ea

Have a large group, please email or call for quote.

*Lunch and Beverages not included in above rates.

Guiding Rates:

Drift Boat (Full Day)                  Walk and Wade(Full Day)                       Walk and Wade(1/2 Day)

$595.00 one or two angler      $ 425.00 one angler                                 $ 375.00 one angler

                                                   $ 475.00 two anglers                               $ 450.00 two anglers

Introduction to Spey Casting and “Swung Fly Presentation” Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Techniques - 4 hour course
A complete introduction to Spey Casting “demystify spey casting/lines/and fly presentation”
Have you ever found yourself stepping into a Steelhead or Salmon  river and not knowing where to start? 

Have you asked yourself any of the following question:

  • How do I get started?

  • What rod/reel and line to buy?

  • How do I cast?

  • What flies do I use and how do I present them?

  • Where are the fishing holding?

  • Where does pool rotation start? 

  • Am I going to low hole a fellow angler if I fish here?  

This course gives you a complete introduction to Spey Casting and “Swung Fly Presentation” Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead Techniques. Our goal is to “demystify spey casting/lines/and fly presentation” and to help you get started with confidence!

Outline of Course Material:

  • Introduction to spey equipment; rods, reels, lines.

  • Set up and knots: backing line, running lines, spey heads and selection, tips, leaders, flies.

  • On river Instruction: Water borne casts, vs, touch and go casts and when to use them

  • On river fly presentation: reading the water, finding the fish, and where to position yourself to cast and how to fish a steelhead/Salmon run.

  • Safety, conservation and etiquette

  • Equipment Recommendations and where to purchase.

Maximum of two casters, individual lessons recommended.
Prices for the Five Hour Course with equipment included: 

Number of casters:  One caster   Two casters
Cost per person:       $350.00        $200.00ea.

*Lunch and Beverages not included in above rates.


**Minimum 50% non-refundable deposits are required Upon booking with the balance due upon arrival.  

** All prices are in Canadian dollars and don’t include taxes (HST).


With regard to Gratuities we recommend a 15% minimum. Gratuities are at the angler’s discretion.


Half day trips are a minimum of 4 hours fishing. Full day trips are a minimum of 8 hours fishing.

If Fly Water cancels an adventure for whatever reason, your deposit will be refunded or held to secure a future adventure at your discretion.

If for any reason the trip is cancelled due to a client request. The deposit may be applied to a future booking.

Rates subject to change without notice prior to booking.


Fly Water has a barbless hook and no kill policy with all species.

Fly Water requires every client to sign a waiver of liability and to disclose any or all medical conditions that may arise while on your adventure.

Fly Water is fully insured, as an extension of Grand River Rafting’s fishing program, and has Standard First Aid, CPR.

Fly Water has a total alcohol ban in effect at all times.

Without a guardian present the minimum age for all adventures is 18 years.

Fly Water supplies all required safety equipment. Safety equipment is required to be worn by all anglers.

Anglers are required to have there own Fishing licence - Ministry of Natural Resources - fishing licence

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